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MAD Articles in the magazines

Once in a while, one of our carp fishing friends writes an article for one of the international (carp) fishing magazine. It could be that you have either missed an article in your favorite magazine, or that you are interested in an article of a foreign issue. In that case, you can find most of the published articles featuring MAD here. Just click on one of the below links to download a pdf of the article.

Regelmaessig schreiben unsere Freunde und Teammitglieder Artikel in der internationalen Fachpresse. Damit Sie keinen dieser Artikel verpassen, finden Sie fast alle hier. Einfach anklicken, runterladen und lesen!

Af en toe schrijven sommige van onze karpervissende vrienden artikelen in de internationale (karper) bladen. Het zou kunnen dat je zo'n artikel gemist hebt, of gewoon nieuwsgierig bent wat er in de Buitenlandse media geschreven wordt. In dat geval kan je veel van de gepubliceerde MAD artikelen vanaf nu hieronder lezen! Dit door te klikken op 1 van de links hieronder (in PDF).

Have fun!

50 nights in paradise - Norwegian carp freak OP writes about his monster session at Cassien (In German)

Das Boot 2010 - Marcel Kloos writes about carp fishing from the boat (In Dutch)

Stalker Fishing 2009 - Remco Grit writes about stalker fishing for carp (In German)

MAD Session 2010 - Rute und Rolle editors write about a carp fishing session with two lucky readers (In German)

About PVA - Mark Doerner writes about how to successfully fish with PVA (In German)

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