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Gallery Session in Denmark

Norwegian carp freak OP, just got back from his first trip of this season. He spent Easter in Denmark with a couple of friends, and went fishing for 5 nights at a lake they never had set their foot on before. It all worked out great for the guys. The water temp was around 11-12 degrees Celsius, but that was more than enough the make the carp start searching around for some food. Already the first morning OP hooked his first carp of the season.. and what a fish! He landed a fat mirror carp of exactly 14,04kg that turned out to be a new lake record too. What a fantastic way to start the season! MAD Incognix hook link with a critically balanced 16mm bottom bait that was tipped off with a red 10mm neon pop-up, got a bit too tempting for this stunning fat carp.

The second night was slow, but the good weather was making up for it. On the 3rd morning another nice looking mirror carp turned up. This particular fish weighed 9,7 kg and OP was more than pleased with that result. Moreover because it was the only to fish that was caught at the lake these days, so he must have been doing something right..

The next day the guys moved to another lake that was situated not so far away from the first one. The fishing in this lake is a bit tricky and the carp are very hard too catch, but the rewards can be very big. The lake contains some 40lb+ fish and that's amazing when realize that you are in Denmark!
Only 3 minutes after putting out the bait close to an nearby situated island with lots of overhanging trees, the bite alarm started to scream. It turned out to be one of the lakes smaller fish at 7,2 kg, but a having a fish after only 3 minutes in such a heavy pressure lake is something to be very proud of!
The presentation was the same as on the previous lake, although this time a neon green artificial pop-up of 10mm was used. All good things come to an end and it turned out to be the last carp of our session. All on all OP was more than pleased with the 3 beautiful fish he caught. Especially when you consider that everybody else on the lakes was blanking.

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